Get A Beautiful Granite Countertop

Pick the Slab your Granite Countertop Comes From

Custom Marble and Granite Countertops in Daytona Beach If you are considering a new granite countertop, Continental Granite & Marble in Daytona Beach is ready to help. You'll be able to pick your own stone, then we'll cut it to make the countertop of your dreams. You'll be surprised at the difference that a new granite countertop can make. In fact, a granite countertop is a great work surface, but it also adds an elegant touch to your Daytona Beach home.

A granite countertop is an excellent way to add value and functionality, and each granite countertop is completely unique. With a beautiful granite countertop, your kitchen will look fantastic. A granite countertop can also add value to your home. Of course, you need to choose a quality granite countertop and make sure that it is cut and installed to look its best. At Continental Granite & Marble, we're here to help you achieve a great looking kitchen, regardless of which stone you choose.

Once you pick the granite, we'll take care of your countertop installation. There are distinct markings in each piece of granite, so every countertop will have its own beautiful look. A solid granite countertop is something that will last for years, and you can use your countertop for many of your kitchen tasks.

Join the Craze in Daytona Beach with a New Granite Countertop

Regardless of how big or small your granite countertop needs to be, we've got the experienced service technicians who will make sure that your new granite countertop is cut and installed so that it makes a wonderful addition to your kitchen.